Katarina Juričić (1994, CRO) is an artist and researcher on photography, constantly seeking for new forms to embody photography and explore its physicality. After receiving a BA in Journalism at Faculty of Political Science in Zagreb, she is moving to The Hague to pursue a photography study at Royal Academy of Art.

We see, think and live in images. And more often than not, images we encounter are digital and therefore immaterial, yet we accept them as real. Taking this paradox as a starting point for her work, Juričić uses digital photography as a tool to visualize the equally intangible but more mysterious concept of human memory.

Driven by the urge to re-establish a physical connection with the world around her, the final form of her work are site-specific installations built upon extensive material research in which light, colors, materials and motifs from the photographic work into the space and create a living image.

Her work was shown at Unseen photo festival, Galerie Ron Mandos and Melkweg Expo in Amsterdam, Nest and Grey Space in the Middle in The Hague, among others.



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